Digital Fuel Gauge

1. Main functions

Trip Computer
· Indicating real-time and average fuel efficiency on the display
· Showing estimated driving distance
Digital residual fuel quantity display
Displaying fuel Injection time
Displaying vehicle speed
Zero to 100 function
Drag function (0 --> 400M)
Eco-drive function
· Encouraging economical driving by displaying fuel mileage graphs
Measuring accurate amount of fuel with temperature compensation algorithm
Design for easy installation and high visibility
· Detachable cradle; easy to install the product in any convenient places
For all types of automobiles powered by LPG, CNG, and gasoline
Digital Fuel Gauge

2. Specification

Digital Fuel Gauge
Input sensor
· VSS / Injecor
· Fuel Sand / VAT
· Fuel Pressure Sencor
Operating voltage
· 8 ~ 20V
· By 0.1 sec
· 0 ~ 400Km (0.5Km/)