1. Characteristics

OBD-II Self-diagnosis function
Service data monitoring
Output of self-diagnosis failure code

2. Fail-safe function

Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of disconnection or short circuit of CNG injector.
Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of CNG pressure sensor and temperature sensor failure.
Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection if the CNG tank pressure goes below a set pressure.
Automatic switch to gasoline fuel injection in case of disconnection or short circuit of cut-off solenoid valve.

3. Basic performance

Built-in ignition advance function (limitless ignition advance available)
① Output signal direct control, which is classified into the power TR signal control type or primary coil direct control type depending on the vehicle type
② Applicable regardless of the type of vehicle
③ The entire system is very stable as the turn on timing and the turn off timing are simultaneously advanced by a set degree at the time of ignition advance, the dwell time is always consistent regardless of the degree of advance, and ignition energy is stable.
④ Optimal ignition advance map for each operating area is applied.
Independent AMP Module (A/D Converter-mounted) installed for each cylinder
· Easy maintenance and economic feasibility; only need to change the individual module unit for the problem cylinder when a problem occurs
· Independently processing and sending pressure signals from the individual cylinder
Produces power in CNG mode, which is equivalent to over 90% of that produced in the gasoline mode
Starts the engine using CNG fuel at cold start and/or initial start-up (reduced emission during cold start and improved fuel economy) 3 operating modes
① Gasoline Mode: Start-up and operation using gasoline
② Auto Mode: Start-up with gasoline fuel and automatic switch to CNG mode when certain engine requirements (such as coolant temperature, rpm, etc.) are satisfied
③ CNG Mode: Start-up and operation using CNG

4. Reliability and stability

CE certified (R-110)
EMC certified (ES-96200)
Satisfies European Emission Standards EURO-Ⅵ

5. Additional Functions

Auto-tuning integrated
Increased power output in case of rapid acceleration in a high load operating range through simultaneous control of gasoline-CNG (or LPG) injectors
Precise control of injection through the measurement of accurate injection timing of Pick & Hold control type injector
Air-fuel ratio control in the open loop range
Correction according to the battery voltage
Invalid injection time correction

6. Specification

Operating Temperature Range -40℃~120℃
Operating Voltage 8V~16V
13 input channels (6 analog channels, 6 interrupt channels, 1 digital channel)
10 output channel
Indicator FND type that displays the CNG tank pressure in a digital number, minimum display
unit 1 bar, degree: ±3 bar, fuel switch function, fuel status (gasoline, LPG or CNG) LED display
Communication RS232, CAN